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Alpha is for those who want to discuss the big questions of life and explore the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. The episodes you’ll watch, together with others in the same boat as you, are designed to spark conversation and no question is out of bounds. What’s more, there’s no pressure to come back and no follow up!

times and dates


King's Church | 67 Lower Dock Street | NP20 1EH

what to expect

The course will run for 11 weeks – you can just try the first one and see what you think. Everyone’s welcome and there's no pressure, follow up or charge


Come along for 7.30pm for snacks & refreshments, where you’ll meet with other people with questions just like yours. Grab a drink and enjoy together! It’s all free!


We watch a 25 minute video together that's designed inspire questions


At the end of each session there's an open discussion where you can share your thoughts in small groups

end time

Each week we will finish by 9.15pm

what next

If you are interested in signing up please click link below

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